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 Daffodil Series 2020


Painting the Structure and Essence of Flowers  May 5-6 2022
In this workshop, we will spend both days discovering how to paint and express our love for peonies, roses, irises, or other available beauties on this first week of May.  By focusing on the analysis of the structure of the blooms in a sketch, we can then paint a believable flower with feeling and emotion.  Each day, I will demo a particular flower and students will then follow with their version of expression. I hope to have four varieties of flowers demonstrated in two days.  
Women's Art Club of Cincinnati $275 Non-members $300
Contact- MaryBeth Dowlin-

Still Life Simplified  April 25-27, 2022
Have you ever been overwhelmed setting up a still life?  In this three-day workshop, you will use simple tools to make arranging objects on a table much easier.  To achieve a well-designed painting, objects are specifically chosen for their shape or color and placed in an intentional arrangement.  This arrangement is translated into an abstract shape that forms an interesting composition. A confident painting is sure to follow when you make a value/edge sketch and to confirm the composition works before starting. I will set up a still life and explain the process, then demonstrate from sketch to finish.  Participants will also spend time studying the structure of the available flowers.  I will demonstrate some flower studies to build participants confidence.  

New Harmony Salon Workshops, New Harmony , Indiana  
$400 members $425 non-members


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