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Workshops 2024

Flowers in a Simple Still Life Workshop with MaryBeth Karaus

Join us for an exciting hands-on workshop where you can explore your artistic side with flowers! In this workshop, you will learn the art of creating beautiful still life compositions using flowers as your subject. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to learn new techniques and unleash their creativity.

Event Details:

  • Date: May 2 and 3

  • Time: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

  • Location: Cincinnati Art Club

During the workshop, you will receive step-by-step guidance from Mary Beth Karaus who will teach you various techniques to capture the essence of flowers in your artwork. You will also have the opportunity to mingle and connect with fellow art enthusiasts, sharing ideas and inspiration.

We will spend the first day painting smaller studies of flowers of your choosing- simplifying them to their basic values and shape. Day two will be spent arranging a still life using just a few objects including flowers. Understanding basic principles for the most simple arrangements will give you the knowledge to make more complicated compositions in your own studio. Each day will start with a demo and then taking the concepts to your easel.

Whether you're looking to learn a new skill, enhance your artistic abilities, or simply have a fun and creative experience, this workshop is not to be missed! So grab your paintbrushes, unleash your creativity, and join us for a day filled with flowers and artistic exploration at the Cincinnati Art Club, located at 1021 Parkside Place in Cincinnati, Ohio, at the foot of Mt. Adams and Eden Park!


Bringing a Painting to a Finish with MaryBeth Karaus

How do you know when a painting is finished? How do you bring it to refinement without overworking it? In this workshop we are going to do a small still life with flowers on day one and bring it to a final completion using a direct painting method. On day two we will oil out one of your older flower paintings, and, add the finishing touches. In this class, I hope to give you the tools to finish one painting all prima and the second painting using layering.

Event Details:

  • Date: May 16 and 17

  • Time: 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM

  • Location: The Barn | Woman's Art Club Cultural Center

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